Bell Hollow


11/13/08 : New York, NY: The Annex with Autodrone, Audn [POSTER]
10/26/08 : New York, NY: Cake Shop (acoustic) with Bush Tetras, Radio I-Ching, Certain General, Band of Outsiders, Command V, The Sediment Club, Mikey IQ [POSTER]
08/27/08 : Brooklyn, NY: Public Assembly with Gold Streets, Asa Ransom, Silence the Bird, Ben Lehrman [POSTER]
07/18/08 : New York, NY: Crash Mansion with Entertainment, The Funeral Crashers, Soren Well [POSTER]
06/14/08 : Brooklyn, NY: The Trash Bar with Cruel Black Dove, Desire Lines, Ludlow Lions, Appomattox [POSTER]
05/24/08 : Mineola, NY: Abstraction! [POSTER]
05/09/08 : Medford, NY: Patchogue-Medford High School with Ionia, Airdate, Days Later [POSTER]
05/03/08 : Royal Oak, MI: (acoustic)
05/03/08 : Detroit, MI: Northern Lights Lounge with Ether Aura, Jennie Knaggs [POSTER]
05/02/08 : Toledo, OH: Rok Bar with Lost October, Plane to Barcelona
05/01/08 : Buffalo, NY: Mohawk Place with Bela's Shadow, Viva Noir [POSTER]
04/24/08 : Brooklyn, NY: Supreme Trading with Stellarscope, Autodrone [POSTER]
04/12/08 : New York, NY: The Annex with Thrushes, Soundpool, The Art of Shooting [POSTER]
03/20/08 : Brooklyn, NY: Southpaw with New Model Army, Echoes and Shadows [POSTER]
03/15/08 : Asbury Park, NJ: The Saint with Chemtrail, Burbis, Gil Velazquez [POSTER]
03/01/08 : Brooklyn, NY: Luna Lounge with The Sad Little Stars, Hot Seconds, Bugs In the Dark, Electric Engine [POSTER]
02/29/08 : Philadelphia, PA: The Khyber with Apple of Discord, Red Orange Morning [POSTER]
02/12/08 : Athens, GA: Flicker Bar with Entertainment, Misfortune500
02/11/08 : Jacksonville, FL: Fuel Coffeehouse
02/09/08 : New Orleans, LA: One Eyed Jacks with The Public [POSTER]
02/08/08 : Atlanta, GA: Lenny's Bar with Entertainment, Feeding Fingers [POSTER]
02/07/08 : Raleigh, NC: Slim's Downtown
02/06/08 : Washington DC: The Red and The Black with Mellowdrone, The Opposite Sex
01/30/08 : New York, NY: The Annex with Misty Roses, Maxi Geil! and Playcolt, Johnny Quinlan [POSTER]
01/12/08 : Bethpage, NY: Mr. Beery's with Altamonte, In India [POSTER]
11/16/07 : New York, NY: Don Hill's [POSTER]
09/30/07 : Hoboken, NJ: Maxwell's with Longwave and Robbers on High Street
09/28/07 : New Brunswick, NJ: Court Tavern with Strange Things Done in the Midnight Sun, The Avowers, Montagna and the Mouth-to-Mouth [POSTER]
08/25/07 : Brooklyn, NY: Luna Lounge with The Sugar Report, Autodrone, Pora! Pora!, Teleski, Smite [POSTER]
07/20/07 : New York, NY: The Knitting Factory
06/02/07 : New York, NY: Club Midway with Johnny Quinlan [POSTER]
05/04/07 : Passaic, NJ: Loop Lounge with Strange Things Done in the Midnight Sun [POSTER]
04/12/07 : Brooklyn, NY: Southpaw with Bunnydrums, Strange Things Done in the Midnight Sun [POSTER]
03/18/07 : Philadelphia, PA: Winterfest IV at The Crane Arts Building with Bunnydrums, Notekillers, The Opposite Sex [POSTER]
11/29/06 : Brooklyn, NY: Southpaw with Blacklist [POSTER]
11/15/06 : Somerville, MA: Abbey Lounge with Mako, Dead Heat, Dan Turnbull, Arthi Meera, Steph Bowlin [POSTER]
10/28/06 : New York, NY: The Annex [POSTER]
09/03/06 : New York, NY: Drop Dead IV Festival at The Knitting Factory with Lene Lovich, Holy Cow, Submarine Fleet, Signal and Report, The Deadfly Ensemble, Bohemien, Din Glorious [POSTER]
08/24/06 : Brooklyn, NY: Southpaw with The Prids, Moto:Rosa [POSTER]
08/06/06 : New York, NY: The Mercury Lounge with Blacklist, The Failed Alliance, Days Awake [POSTER]
07/29/06 : Bethpage, NY: Mr. Beery's with His Mighty Robot, The Cadavers, Travis Raab [POSTER]
07/09/06 : Providence, RI: Club Hell with The Brides, Blitzkid, The Automatons [POSTER]
06/28/06 : Cambridge, MA: The Middle East with Amber Spyglass, The Glass Set, Sarah Rabdau [POSTER]
05/06/06 : New York, NY: Albion with The Deadfly Ensemble, Frank the Baptist, Din Glorious [POSTER]
04/21/06 : Levittown, NY: Metasin with The Lost Patrol [POSTER]
04/02/06 : New York, NY: Fat Baby with The Lost Patrol, Ty Smith [POSTER]
03/30/06 : Brooklyn, NY: Galapagos Art Space with The Kominas, Funeral Crashers, The Automatons, The New Minority, Sasquatch and the Sick-A-Billys [POSTER]
02/21/06 : New York, NY: The Delancey with Bona to Vada, Fairmont, The Minus Scale [POSTER]
01/28/06 : Bethpage, NY: Mr. Beery's with Seer, His Mighty Robot [POSTER]
01/04/06 : Brooklyn, NY: Southpaw with Nemo, The Kites [POSTER]
11/15/05 : New York, NY: Sin-e with Crash Moderns, Altamonte, Benny Girl [POSTER]
10/13/05 : New York, NY: Lit Lounge with Guitar Bomb, Painting Soldiers, Brook Pridemore [POSTER]